The Lounging Hound Bedding and Furniture Brand Review

by Reena Bakir
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Just as their name suggests, this brand is all about lounging around with your canine! By creating comfortable and stylish bedding products, The Lounging Hound cater to the need for high quality, practical and durable products for both you and your dog!

Using the best materials on the market and the most unique and fashionable of designs and colors, this brand elevates the style of your home while staying true to its individual look and providing great products made for your dog’s comfort.

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide collection of The Lounging Hound products, including pillows, throws and beds. Make sure to visit their brand page, and read on to find out more about the brand as well as their best products!


The Lounging Hound Logo

By incorporating an array of beautiful wools, velvets, linens and cottons into their products, this brand remains true to their mission of creating luxurious bedding products for both owner and pet. Each of their items is quality tested vigorously to ensure quality assurance.

Dedicated to their belief in British Craftsmanship and their support for local industries, all The Lounging Hound products are handmade in the UK using local materials and products for their fabrics, such as their wool which is sourced from mills in Yorkshire.


Created to make lounging with your hound an easier and more comfortable experience, this brand’s products are made from top grade materials and come in the most fashionable of looks! They also ensure that your furniture remains clean and in top shape so you never have to worry about wet paws or slobber ruining your fabrics.

Waterproof Wool  Throw Brunswick

the lounging houndMade from luxurious pure wool, this Brunswick throw is entirely water-resistant to help keep your couches and furniture dry and clean! Coming in a beautiful green, grey and stone-check design and backed with a waterproof microsuede, this throw will transform any space and can be taken with you wherever you go, whether you’d like to use at in the backseat of your car or out in the park! The throw is also naturally dirt, odor and moisture resistant and will only require soft brushing or light vacuuming to keep them in top quality.

Luxury Plush Velvet Sofa Topper

the lounging houndDesigned to keep your furniture clean and safe, this velvet plush sofa topper also comes with the perks of being incredibly comfortable for both you and your pet! With waterproof microsuede on its reversible side, the topper is made from a luxurious double layer of filling and covered in velvet and wool fabrics. The topper is made for both durability and practicality, the topper is easy to keep clean and will not wear easy with use! It also comes in a range of colors, each unique in its ability to spice up your living room space!

Luxury Scatter Cushions

the lounging houndThe perfect complimentary piece to go with The Lounging Hound sofa toppers and throws, these scatter cushions are more than just easy on the eyes! With their duck-feather inner filling, and rich velvet outer covers, these cushions are guaranteed to provide ultimate comfort for both humans and canines alike! The cushions come in twelve beautiful colors, each adding a special touch to any room.

Tawny Owl Travel Dog Bed Rolls

the lounging hound bed

These travel dog beds are ideal for a family that likes to go out for trips and picnics! Made from super soft fabrics and filled with a double layer of soft padding for extra comfort and warmth, this product is great for any  environment! Coming in its beautiful tawny owl print, the bed is not only practical and comfortable, but also incredibly stylish!

Looking for more?

Check out The Lounging Hound brand page for the full selection of their beds, toppers, throws and more and decorate your house to top shape and style!

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