The Most Adorable Pug Accessories

by Reena Bakir
pug accessories

Affectionate, playful and loyal, pugs are a wonderful and loving breed, deserving only of the most adorable pug accessories available! Your little canine deserve to be pampered, and what better way to show your love than through gifts and accessories designed especially for them?

From beds, treats, clothes and other unique accessories, here at Chelsea Dogs we cater to the specific needs of all of your pups! Here’s a list of adorable pug accessories, made especially with your little friend in mind!

Pug Dog ID Tag

pug dog id tag

This adorable breed ID tag is a must-have for all pugs! This PS Pet Tags product is made from high durability metal allows and features mirror-polished smooth round edges. The tag features your pug’s face on the front and allows up to 4 lines of text on the reverse, with the writing and image both engraved into the tag to provide crisp high-quality designs!

Mutts and Hounds Luxury Navy Nordic Stripe Dog Carrier

pug accessories

Carry your pug with you in style with this luxury navy nordic stripe dog carrier! This fashionable carrier from Mutts and Hounds is perfect for small breeds, offering ultimate comfort as a snug travel bag with its soft fleece inside! The carrier is made out of Nordic Stripe linen, make it a modish piece for you and your little canine! Make sure your dog doesn’t miss out on any fun day out as long as you have this luxury accessory!

Country and Twee Frenchie and Pug Green Tweed Waterproof Coat

luxury tweed pug dog coat

Designed specifically with tiny dog breeds in mind, this tweed coat is the perfect fit for your pug! The coat comes with a longer belly strap for pugs to ensure that it fits their body perfectly. Stylish and waterproof, this coat is perfect for a walk on a showery day to the park or around the neighbourhood where your dog can show off their luxurious new clothes!

Pug Dog Bowl Fenella Smith

pug accessories

This special bowl from Fenella Smith is handmade to luxury! Featuring three quirky pugs on the interior of the bowl’s base, this piece is a comical and unique addition to your pug’s products! Make meal-time all the more enjoyable with this adorable plate, and have your pug feast like a king!

Red Vintage Bow Dog Harness

harness for pugs

Every pug owner knows the struggle of finding a fitting harness that’ll keep your dog under control while also ensuring your dog’s comfort and looking fabulous. This stunning soft-mesh harness in red is an adorable accessory for your pet, coming with a cute vintage bow to make your dog look even more stylish! The harness comes in small sizes and has adjustable straps, which make it perfectly fitted onto your pug’s small body!

Mutts and Hounds Natural Linen Dog Print Donut Dog Bed

pug dog bed

Give your dog a comfy good night’s sleep in this cute donut bed! Covered in a lovely printed linen with Jo Chamber’s unique dog fabric design, this bed is both stylish and functional! The small 50cm dog bed is perfect for pugs, as the donut bed surrounds the dog as it sleeps, keeping it feeling safe and secure during naptime.

Still looking for more?

Looking for more stylish pug accessories to get your special little friend? Take a look at our Pug products page, with a variety of accessories and products for any pug owner to love!

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