The Most Excited Chihuahua Ever

by Alessia

My dog Lucas loves to go outside whether it’s for a walk, a run, or just to roll around in the grass and eat a blade or seventeen while he’s doing it. When I say “let’s go outside, Luke!” he runs down to our side door and jumps up and down so high I could feel his ears flapping by my nose (not to mention the way he scratches the wall next to the door that is now so grooved and creased that my mother has a mini coronary every time she goes out that door). This little pooch is the most excited Chihuahua ever for precisely the same reason. His name is Yoda, which is pretty cool because Chihuahuas kind of look like Yoda (the ears, no?), and he cannot wait to get his cute little tush outside. See his unbelievable ability to not make himself nauseous and tell me you’ve seen a dog more excited than him. Impossible.

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