The world of Canicross: off road running with your dog

by Bronwyn Hall

Canicross – although not new – is an up and coming sport which encompasses running off road with your four legged friend.

What does Canicross involve?

In Canicross the human will wear a fitted waist belt with a bungee lead attached to the padded harness worn by the dog. Once you’re all saddled up (so to speak), you join other participants and their dogs for some off road running!

Canicross USA

Canicross USA

What are the benefits of Canicross?

Participating means that you and your dog both have the opportunity to get healthy and meet friends. With your dog learning directional commands too, it is not just a physical work out for them but also builds on their training and confidence.

What equipment will I need?

To begin with it is usually fine to run with your dog on his lead as normal. However, if you intend on taking up the sport it would be beneficial to invest in the right harnesses and bungee leads. There are many different online shops from which to buy your equipment and a basic harness starts at around £25.

Can I join in?

Yes! Canicross is open to everyone and every breed; providing your four legged friend is over 12 months old you’re good to go!



Where can I get more information?

There are clubs all over the country. Find your local one here.

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