These dogs love the beach as much as you do

by Bronwyn Hall

The beach! There is nothing better than the smell of the sea and the feeling of sand between your toes, or paws as the case may be.

And it looks as though for some canine companions the lure of the beach is just too much to handle! With the wind in their ears, the sun on their backs and sand on their noses they couldn’t be happier. And these pictures prove it…

First up is this spritely fella who enjoys nothing more than a game of fetch right next to those lapping waves.

And of course there’s nothing better than sharing a day at the beach with your best friend.

It’s so relaxing that you could just lay here and take a little…yawnnnn…nap.

Who would want to miss out on a quick game of frisbee next to that sparkling ocean?

Ahh, the beach…

dogs at the beach


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