Things To Consider Before Adopting A Dog

by Alessia

No matter whether you’re the biggest dog person in the world or just fell in love with the idea of a furry friend padding around the house, there are a lot of things to consider before adopting a dog. Depending on who lives with you, the type of space you have, and a few other factors, choosing to adopt a dog come with a lot of questions.

Take your family’s thoughts and feelings about adopting a dog into consideration. The environment that a dog is brought into is very important. Who in the family is going to walk the dog or feed him? When you are not around, are your family members completely on board with helping out with the new pooch? It is so important that everyone in the family be willing to help out and more importantly, to love the new dog, otherwise the dog will sense the resentment.


Are you ready for the responsibilities of a dog? Dogs, like babies, are a lot of work, especially as puppies. Are you prepared to spend time training and playing with your dog? To walk him regularly and make sure he isn’t home alone for too long? Does your schedule work in terms of the care and attention your dog needs? These questions need to be answered honestly in order to determine if you’re ready for this responsibility.

Is your neighborhood and space dog-friendly? Different breeds of dogs have different needs. For example, if you live in an apartment, a french bulldog would be a good option for you whereas a greyhound who needs tons of space and room to exercise would definitely be a mistake. Does your neighborhood have sidewalks or walkways for safe walks with your dog? Are there a lot of dogs to socialize your dog with? If your dog is a loud barker, are your neighbors close enough to hear it (i.e. a semi detached house in which you share a wall with your neighbor)? Make sure you consider breeds that are right for your space and neighborhood.

If you can honestly answer all of these questions, have done your research, and are still sure you want to adopt, have fun with the process! Consider senior dogs as well, because every dog in your local shelter needs a loving home. Good luck!

Alessia xx

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