Thoughts that go through all dog owners minds when they’re at work

by Bronwyn Hall

Like most dog owners, I have to go to work some days. Luckily, I’m only required in the office 3 days a week and so from Thursday – Sunday I am f-r-e-e!

However, the days that I am at work I generally go through a sequence of thoughts and I’m sure that other dog owners do too.

9:01am – I wonder if they have stopped missing me yet

9:07am – They were so cute this morning

9:10am – OH CRAP – Did I lock the door?!

9:12am – Yes. I did. Did I? I did.

9:15am – Okay, okay I had better get on with some work…

10am – I wish I could just call them and say hi

10:20am – Maybe I’ll buy that camera that lets you spy on your pets

10:50am – Yes, I’ll definitely buy that. You can even talk to them while you’re away!

melting clock

11am – Ahh, time for elevenses…

11:05am – I wonder if they’re taking a little mid-morning nap

11:06am – Yes of course they are!

11:07am – Sound asleep. Cutie pies!

11:20am – Have I shown my colleagues the latest cute picture I have of the dogs…?

11:22am – Oh. I showed them yesterday. How embarrassing.

12pm – What will the little ones be doing now?


12:33pm – Yeah, I checked 3 times

12:34pm – Hmm what if they’ve drank it all already

12:35pm What if they are dehydrated

12:36pm – What if the dog walker finds them dead?!?!?

1pm – Lunchtime! Could I make it home and back within my lunch break?!

1:05pm – Probably not.

1:06pm – I need to get a bike. I could make it if I cycled…



1:30pm – Wonder if the dog walker is there yet

1:35pm – Did I leave their post-walk treats?!

1:40pm – What if I forgot and they don’t have any treats after walkies? They’ll be so upset.

1:42pm – I’ll just text the dog walker about the treats. Oh and ask her to fill up the water, of course.

2pm – In four hours I will be at home cuddling them

2:10pm – In three hours and fifty minutes I will be at home cuddling them

2:30pm – I hope that they enjoyed their walk

2:31pm – I really think they like this new dog walker

2:35pm – I hope they do, anyway

2:37pm – What if she’s one of those dog walkers that beats your dog?!

2:45pm – Maybe tomorrow I’ll plant a secret camera

3pm – Wonder if they have that pet camera on Amazon…

3:30pm – In two and a half hours I will be at home cuddling them

4pm – I hope that they haven’t torn up all the post

4:05pm – Or each other…

4:06pm – Haha, that was funny. I’ll tweet that

4:07pm – Are people sick of seeing my dog tweets?!

4:10pm – NAHHHHHHH

4:30pm – Nearly home time!

5pm – In one hour I will be at home cuddling them

5:15pm – Longest. Fifteen. Minutes. Of. Entire. Life……………………..

5:30pm – I am OUTTA HERE! I’ve got two dogs to get back to, didn’t you know?


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