Thousands of Stray Dogs Are Being Killed in Sochi

by Alessia


In Russia, it is a common sight to see loads of stray dogs wondering about – in fact, it has become part of the culture and something that locals are proud of. However, in preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics, thousands of stray dogs are being killed in Sochi to get them off the streets and out of the Olympic areas.


The city of Sochi hired a private company, Basya Service, whose head, Alexei Sorokin called the dogs “biological trash”, to “clean up” the streets. An estimated 5,000 – 7,000 dogs have already been killed, and rescue groups know that even though that have saved a few of the dogs from this horrible fate, that they are fighting a losing battle.


The city council has not denied or confirmed this round-up of dogs, but based on Sorokin claiming that his company is “providing a public service”, we can only assume that this is the case and that there is little to no remorse about it either. Sorokin claims that poisons and traps are being used to kill these dogs, but it has been reported by activists that it has been much worse than that.


However, despite both rescue and termination efforts, there are still many dogs roaming the streets that will hopefully be either left alone or rescued before they come across someone horrible who believes them to be “biological trash”. I just can’t seem to get over that term and how disgusting it is. Surely if the strays were a problem there would be a humane way to round them up and put them into shelters to be adopted, rather than inhumanely disposing of them. This is making me see the city in an entirely different light rather than the glorified light holding the Olympics can put on a city.

Alessia xx

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