Tinder Is Going To The Dogs

by Alessia

Tinder is going to the dogs lately, due to a collaboration between BBH and the Social Tees Animal Rescue in New York City that is literally posting dogs’ “profiles” on the popular dating app, Tinder. There are approximately 7.6 million animals in animal shelters around the US, so BBH and Social Tees decided to reach out to people for the dogs to find love in the same way that humans do. Ten profiles were put up for different dogs, all with ages made up so that they would fall into people’s particular age range search for the people they are trying to date, but each profile tells you the name of the dog, how old they actually are, and a little bit about them and why they need a loving home to call their own.


The Puppy Love project got over 1,500 matches in less than 24 hours, and one puppy has even found a forever home already through the app. The hijacking of the Tinder app is a brilliant idea, and hopefully more of these puppies will find their forever home.

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