Tips to keep your dog happy in the heat

by Amy Cooper
Panting dog

Since we are getting some really hot weather in the UK at the moment. I thought it would be useful to give my top ten tips for keeping your dog happy in the heat. It’s really important to make sure your dogs are staying cool in the heat! Especially if they are a breed with a flat face or very young/old.

1. Wet bandana

Mutts and Hounds dog bandana

A wet bandana will help to cool your dog when the water evaporates from the bandana. This is the same way we cool down from sweating! But since dogs only have sweat glands in their paws a wet bandana is a good alternative to sweating.

2. Lots of water!


This one is obvious! Just like us dogs need to stay hydrated, especially when it’s hot. So, make sure they always have fresh water readily available to drink. 

3. Cooling mat

Cooling mats are usually pressure activated. This means that if your dog sits/lays on the mat it will become and stay cool. This is great for when the ground gets hot, but your dog wants to be outside with you. Especially if there is no grass for them to lie on!

4. Walk early or late

Dog happy in the heat

Again, this one is obvious! If possible, walk your dog early or late in the day. This is so that the air temperature is cooler as its not got hot yet or has begun to cool down. 

5. Check floor temperature

If you can’t manage to walk your dog early or late in the day, check the temperature of the floor! This is really important because the ground, especially tarmac, can burn dogs paws on a hot day. You can check the temperature of the floor by putting the back of your hand on the floor for 10 seconds. If it’s comfortable for the back of your hand, then it’s safe for your dogs paws.

6. Pupsicles


This is basically a frozen dog treat! They are really easy to make at home and there are plenty of recipes online. Think of it like giving your dog an ice lolly! Although it won’t cool their body temperature down it will be a nice treat for a hot day.

7. Cooling jacket

A cooling jacket is very similar to using a wet bandana just with more of your dog covered. So, it helps your dog to cool down when the water evaporates off the vest. This is the same way we cool down from sweating! But since dogs only have sweat glands in their paws a wet bandana is a good alternative to sweating.

8. Paddling pool

Dog in paddling pool

If your dog enjoys being in the water a doggy paddling pool is a great option! They can choose when they want to get in and cool themselves down easily by just being in the water. 

9. Shade

Another nice and obvious one is to provide your dog with shade. Being out of direct sunlight will make a massive difference to how hot your dog is. But shade also helps stop dogs from burning in the sun!

10. Option to be inside or outside

Dog cooling down inside

Finally give your dog the option of being inside or outside. Because sometimes it may be cooler inside rather than out. By giving your dog the choice of cooler and warmer places, they can better regulate their own temperature. 

I hope you have found these tips useful! Enjoy the lovely weather, but stay safe ?

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