Top 10 Breeds Of Dogs For Children

by Alexandra Madani

Children love dogs and will probably talk to you about the possibility of getting their own dog. This is when you will have to start visiting the idea of what kinds of dogs your children can have. There are several dogs that are actually quite good around dogs. Here are the top ten dog breeds for children and some reasons why.

10. BulldogKids like to play with dogs, so you cannot have a weak dog. Also, you cannot have an aggressive dog. Bulldogs are small, sturdy and very calm. Additionally, they are very loyal and are good with other pets.

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9. BeagleOne look at Wishbone and you be ready to get a Beagle. Of course, this is the same dog made famous by Peanuts. These dogs are extremely friendly and are very active. Keep in mind that bathing may be an issue as Beagles do shed a lot!

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8. Bull Terrier – This docile companion dog has a very high threshold of pain making it a perfect dog for playing with the kids and being rambunctious with. Often confused with the pit bull, the bull terrier is fun, loyal and can take a punch.

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7. Collie – Collies are great dogs for families. The only downside to these dogs is that their long hair means that they will have to undergo grooming quite often. The good news is that the breed is known for being extremely mild-mannered. Just try not to let your collie herd the kids.

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6. Newfoundland – The Newfoundland is also known as “Nature’s Babysitter”. This gentle giant loves children and is gentle and patient on top of it all. Just make sure you have enough space for the large dog and be ready to clean up some drool.

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5. Vizsla – The first thing you will notice about this dog is how wonderfully it plays with the kids. The second thing you will notice is how it is absent of the “doggy” smell. The Vizsla also learns tricks quickly and has the confidence needed to be protective when needed.

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4. Irish Setter – This is a perfect dog if you have a lot of space for your dog. The dog is best known for its striking red hair and the playful nature it has. If your kids like to run and play, this is the perfect dog for them, but make sure you can keep it active.

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3. Poodle – The poodle is often misunderstood because of the curious haircuts that some owners give it. The gentle dog is actually great for kids with allergies because of how little it sheds. Keep in mind that the poodle will need grooming even if it is not going to shed often.

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2. Labrador Retriever – The sweet personality of the Labrador retriever makes it one of the favourite pets for any size family. This is one extremely intelligent and reliable dog. The patience of the lab makes it a perfect dog to have around even small children.

Labrador Dog Breed Best For Children

1. Golden RetrieverThe Golden Retriever has everything that the lab has, only it is a little smaller and with slightly more hair. The nature of the dog is extremely patient and it is a breed that loves to play. These dogs have the perfect balance of not being aggressive or timid, making them perfect for being around kids.

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