Top 10 Dog Breeds For Young Families

by Chelsea Dogs


If you have young kids, chances are they’ve been campaigning for a dog. They’ve finally shown they’re responsible, but which dog should you get? Dogs come in so many breeds, and some are much easier to take care of, and safer, than others. I’m here to bring you some good news. Not every dog has to feel like a full-time job! Here are the Top 10 Dog Breeds For Young Families.

Golden Retriever

Can you picture an angry golden retriever? Probably not. Golden Retrievers are classic, friendly, loyal dogs. They’re easy to train, and they’ll be nice to any guest that comes in the house. Just watch Air Bud if you’re considering one!



The pug is always the most talked about breed when it comes to looks. You may think your pug is the cutest dog in the world. A friend might beg to differ. And that’s all part of the fun. They’re usually very nice, and very small, so little kids can play with them. They can get a bit stubborn, and sometimes loud…so make sure your pug is trained properly!


Are your kids the type that never like to sit still? A beagle is a great choice for your family. It’s a real rarity to see a tired beagle. They’ll play with the kids for hours! Beagles will definitely shed a bit, but watch the movie Shiloh from 1996, then tell me you don’t want one!

Irish Setter

Irish Setters are also perfect for your energetic kids. They get their name from their red colour that’s especially apparent in sunlight. They don’t need your attention 24/7, but when you give it to them, they’re willing to play.


Labs and poodles are both good for small children, so why not get the best of both worlds? Labradoodles are extremely playful and enthusiastic, but they do sometimes need high-maintenance. Fun fact: the labradoodle was once on the cover of LIFE Magazine as the perfect pet.


Many sports teams have a bulldog as their mascots. The bulldogs usually have a vicious face and a spiked collar. Fortunately, this doesn’t accurately display their true character! Sometimes they like to play rough with kids who are willing, but they’re often calm and relatively unenergetic.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu
The Shih Tzu is a breed that originated in China. They’re looks vary greatly – some have very long hair, others are cut quite short. These luxurious little dogs aren’t afraid to play with little children.


You’ve heard of Lassie, the world’s most famous dog. It’s only right that the collie breed gets put on this list! Collies are very gentle, and they’ll watch out for the family. They love being with their human companions.


If you love small dogs, you can’t go wrong with a maltese. They’re like little toys that love running around! They’ll provide you with hours of entertainment. However, they’re often high-maintenance.


This little puppy will grow to be a strong, mighty pet! The Newfoundland is built to be a working dog – they originated as dogs for fisherman in the Newfoundland region. They’re even-tempered and very trainable. Just watch out – you may need to stop frequently on walks. People love to pet these dogs!

Lisa Podwirny is the owner of Ketchum Mfg in Upstate New York. She always uses brass, aluminum, and stainless steel dog tags to make sure her pets are identified. Connect with her on !

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