Top 10 Great Movie Dogs

by Alessia

Movie buffs everywhere know that some of the best movies are the ones with talented animals involved, dogs especially. From Buzzfeed’s 30 Of The Greatest Movie Dogs, I have picked my personal top 10 from the group, all dogs from movies that are some of my favorites because of their four legged cast members. If you haven’t seen some, or any of these – stop reading, go watch them, come back.

Nice to see you again. Now to the dogs you hopefully know so well.

10. Beethoven beethoven One of the classics – a dog rescued into a family that loves him, with a few minor exceptions. Lucas reminds me of Beethoven a lot in how reckless and messy he can be, but thankfully he is about a third of Beethoven’s size, only somewhat more manageable.

9. Buddy (Air Bud)
After seeing this movie I found myself constantly outside with my dog Maxi, trying to throw a ball in her general direction. She never even flinched, just sat there and looked at me like I was some kind of moron, which I was. But there is just something so majestic about a dog who plays basketball. (And now years later hockey, soccer, football, baseball, and probably tobogganing).

8. Petey (The Little Rascals)
I was always upset that I was a girl because I couldn’t be a part of the Little Rascal’s he-man-woman-haters club. Luckily for Petey, species isn’t an issue – just gender. In retrospect, I find the HMWH club offensive.

7. Hercules aka the Beast (The Sandlot)
This giant drooler was robbed of a larger roll in the Sandlot, but his reckless skill at the end of the movie is what being a dog is all about.

6. Lassie
My entire childhood I dreamed of a dog that would carry my stuff to school, wait for me sun, sleet, or snow, and then walk home with me. The dog I did have greeted me at the door after the bus ride home, which was great, but there is still a small (read: embarrassingly large) part of me that looks out the window at work for my dog.

5. Shiloh
Honestly, just that face alone is enough to make you melt. Part of the reason that we got Lucas is because he has a bit of Beagle in him, and ever since my childhood obsession with Shiloh, I have always loved Beagles. Lucas doesn’t exactly have the same charm as a thoroughbred, but his long snout and droopy ears are cute enough for the other qualities to be overlooked.

4. Slink (Toy Story)
Like every other child of the 90’s, I thought that my toys definitely came alive when I wasn’t home. I’m still not really ruling it out. I asked for a Slink for Christmas the year Toy Story came out, and I never got one. I got a real dog instead a few years later so you win some, you lose some, but I still feel the void whenever I need to stretch from my window to my neighbors. Lucas doesn’t really have the elasticity.

3. Marley (Marley & Me)
The true story behind the making of this film really tugs at my heartstrings. Lucas is kind of similar to Marley in that he eats everything in sight, has ruined a ton of household items, and walks with him are really just sprints. But also like Marley, he is so loved despite all of that. They say dogs are the only animals that love unconditionally, but I find it hard to believe that there are humans who don’t love their dogs in the same way, whether they are “the world’s worst dog” or not.

2. Skip (My Dog Skip)
Besides the fact that I had a huge crush on Frankie Muniz, Jr. when I was younger, I was more-so just jealous that his dog was such a present figure in their town. Everyone knew his name, he walked in and out of stores and got love and fuss from everyone, and like Lassie, would meet up with his owner at school and other places. The ending of this movie gets me every time, and because I saw this when my dog was still younger, I think it worried, yet prepped me, for her older years, and for that I am grateful to this gem of a film that my mom let me watch on repeat.

1. Chance and Shadow (Homeward Bound) chance and shadow Like the toy Slink, I asked my parents for Shadow for Christmas. I wanted this exact golden retriever, an older pup who was wise and knowing and led his two family members (Chance the dog and Sassy the cat) to safety after they get lost trying to find their way home from a family friend’s ranch. This movie is incredible, and even though it’s kind of silly that the dogs and the cat have voices, it’s a nice little bit of insight into the life of a dog and what they could be thinking and feeling in certain situations.

Now really though, go watch all of these movies even if you’ve seen them, right now. (Please).

Alessia xx

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