Top 10 Halloween Dog Costumes

by Alexandra Madani

Have a bit of fun this halloween by dressing your dog up in one of our top 10 Halloween Costumes For Dogs. Please always make sure your dog is comfortable in the costume and not too hot.

1. Bat Dog
Your dog will be the coolest dog in Gotham with this Batman movie-inspired costume.

Bat Dog Halloween Costumes For Dogs Batman

2. Darth Vader Dog

Has your dog turned to the dark side?
Darth Vader Dog Costume For Halloween

3. Scooby-Doo
Your dog will do anything this Halloween for a Scooby snack!
Scooby doo dog costume for halloween top 10

4. Devil Dog

For the sneaky ones!
Devil Dog Costumes top 10 halloween pet costumes

5. Pumpkin Dog
Who wouldn’t want to dress up like a plump pumpkin this Halloween?
Pumpkin Dog Costume top 10 halloween pet costumes

6. Shark
For monsters of the ocean
Shark Dog Costume top 10 halloween pet costumes

7. Skeleton
For those who like bones…lots of bones!
Skeleton Dog Costume halloween top 10 pet costumes

8. Bat
These bat wings are simple and spooky!
Bat Dog Costume Bat Halloween pet costume

9. Witch

I’ll cast a spell on you so you give me lots of yummy dog treats!
Witch Dog Costume Best Halloween Pet Costumes

10. Batman The Dark Knight

Complete with devil horns!
Batman The Dark Knight Halloween Dog Costume

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