Top 10 Human Foods That You Can Give Your Dog

by Chelsea Dogs
human foods for dogs pomegranate

We all know how important it is to give your dog all the nutrients they require to stay fit and healthy throughout life. Whilst some are happy to buy sacks and sacks of dry dog food from the local pet shop or vet, others like to spoil their dogs by adding delicious bits of your left-over dinner to your dog’s dinner or sneak some vegetables under the table to an awaiting pooch but we can’t stress enough that you must check if the human foods that you are giving your dog are good for him and won’t cause him any problems. There are many human foods that are poisonous to dogs, chocolate, onions, raisins, some nuts, garlic, grapes and that’s just to name a few.

To get you off to a flying start, we’ve complied a list of the Top 10 Human Foods That You Can Give Your Dog with the knowledge that they are safe, delicious and nutritious for your favourite canine companion.

1. Pomegranate Juice Or Flesh

human foods for dogs pomegranate

Ending the list with another superfruit, unsweetened pomegranate juice or the flesh from the fruit can be given to your dog for a tasty and quick antioxidant boost. Pomegranate is also rich in vitamin C, and can help to keep your dog healthy and active into old age.

2. Bananas

banana human foods for dogs

Bananas are potassium-rich powerhouses that are just as delicious for your dog as for you! May dogs love the taste and texture of banana, and it can make for a good supplemental treat. Take care not to feed too much banana to your dog, as this may cause diarrhoea, and remember that bananas are relatively high in calories compared to most other fruits.

3. Low Fat Hard Cheese

cheese good for dogs

Feeding too much cheese to dogs can lead to obesity and related health problems, and it should not make up the main part of your dog’s staple diet. However, feeding small cubes of a low fat hard cheese as a special treat for your dog every now and then is fine, and many dogs seem to prefer the taste of cheese to that of most other treats! Plus, cheese is rich in protein and calcium.

4. Cinnamon

cinnamon good for dogs

Cinnamon (or any other spice for that matter) might seem like an odd choice to include for dogs, but look again! Cinnamon can help to boost mental agility and aid with concentration, and may help to make your dog more interested and engaged in training and learning new skills! Cinnamon is also renowned to have a lightly antibacterial effect too.

5. Sweet Potatoes and Squashes

Sweet Potatoes good for dogs

Sweet potato or yams of various different types can be cut into cubes and fed raw to your dog as a healthy training treat, or boiled and mashed before serving cold. Other root vegetables such as pumpkin and other squashes also make for a healthy, tasty treat that is a little different! Pumpkin and other squashes can also help to aid with digestion.

6. Herring

herring fish good for dogs

This oily fish is packed with Omega 3 and essential fatty acids that can give a real boost to the lubrication of the joints of arthritic pets. Herring is also renowned for helping to boost the condition of the skin and coat, and fed in small quantities once or twice a week, can help to keep your dog in top condition.

7. Stock

vegetable stock good for dogs

Low sodium stock cubes, broths and plain chicken soup can all provide a treat for your dog. Use a little as a gravy with their regular meals, or mix some of their regular food into a paste with your stock, and use it to fill a Kong toy to keep your dog occupied! You can even freeze ice cube trays of stock to offer to your dog as a cooling summer treat.

8. Mint

mint good for dogs

Many dogs enjoy the taste of mint, although you should steer clear of feeding them shop bought peppermint sweets! Like all sweets, peppermints can be high in sugar, or worse, an artificial alternative to sugar that might actually be toxic to your dog. Mint from actual mint plants, however, are perfectly fine to offer to your dog, and can even help with digestive upsets and to ease anxiety. Add a little mint to his meals now and then, or make up your own dog treats using mint!

9. Tuna

tuna fish good for dogs

If you’re cooking with tuna or making yourself a sandwich, keep a little back for your dog! Pick tuna in spring water or brine rather than oil, and keep the water to add to your dog’s dinner, as well as offering a few flakes to your dog directly as a treat. Be sure to remove any little bones if you are cooking whole tuna steaks and wish to share some with your dog!

10. Probiotics

probiotics good for dogs

Probiotics such as live yoghurt or yoghurt drinks are renowned for aiding the digestive process and the balance of “good” gut bacteria in people, and these can have a similarly beneficial effect on your dog! They are also tasty, and generally palatable to dogs, and most dogs will enjoy a little live yoghurt added on top of their food or as a treat.

What other human foods do you give your dog? Leave us your comments below!

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