Top 10 must have items for a new puppy/dog

by Amy Cooper
Puppy with toy

With a lot more of us working from home due to COVID-19 there has been a surge in new dog owners. Maybe you have always wanted a dog but just didn’t have the time whilst you were at work. Or maybe you live on your own and need a companion during these tough times. Either way you will need to prepare for your new furry friend. These are the basics items you will need to get for a new puppy or dog.

1. Collar

Puppy collar

You will need to get your puppy used to wearing a collar! This is so that they are comfortable with it when they can go on their first walk! Not only is this a practical must have for walks but it will also make your puppy super stylish!

2. ID tag

ID tag

These are absolutely essential! They provide quick and easy identification of your dog if it gets lost. It is also a legal requirement in the UK for dogs to have an ID tag when outside the house. But it also adds style and character to your pooch!

3. Lead


This one’s a bit of a no brainer. You can’t walk a dog without a lead! But, like with the collar you will need to get your puppy used to walking on a lead around the house. So that when they get to go on their first walk, they know what to do! 

4. Bed

Puppy bed

Your new friend will need a nice comfy place to snooze after a tiring play session! This is especially important with large breed dogs as they need orthopaedic beds to prevent pressure sores. 

5. Crate

grey spot dog crate cover

In my opinion crate training puppies is an absolute essential for their safety. But even if you decide not to crate train your dog crates provide a safe and secure environment for them. Trust me your dog will love a crate!

6. Bowls

Personalised dog bowls

Obviously, your pooch will need something to eat and drink out of! So why not get them a super stylish set or even a personalised set!

7. Food

If you are getting a new puppy, they might come with a small amount of food but you will need to have foodready for them. If you are rescuing a dog chances are they won’t come with any food so it’s even more important your prepared for their hungry belly!

8. Treats

You will need treats to train your new pooch! Training is also a great way to stimulate your dogs brain which is great for their wellbeing.

9. Toys

Puppy with toy

Toys provide physical and mental stimulation for your pooch so are also great for their well-being! Also giving your dog lots of fun toys to chew and play with will help to stop them chewing or playing with inappropriate things. 

10. Poo bags

Poo bag holder

An essential part of dog ownership is cleaning up after them. So, why not make your poo bags more stylish by getting a poo bag holder!

Finally, I just wanted to point out that this is not a full list of all the items you will ned for a new puppy or dog! Because, it is also very important to get your pooch insurance, microchip, jabs etc.  

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