Top 3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Scratching

by Chelsea Dogs

Most dogs will scratch from time to time. Even in popular cartoons, the dog is characterised as an animal that has to scratch from time to time. The occasional scratch is normal, but that does not mean that your dog should be scratching all day long. Constant scratching is a sign of a bigger problem. Knowing about the 3 main reasons your dog is scratching will help you to do something about it a little easier.

The three main reasons why your dog is scratching include skin irritations from the environment, allergies to food and illness. Keep in mind that if your dog is scratching a lot, a trip to the vet my not be a bad idea. Even if you are able to figure out what is causing your dog to itch, you will still need some assistance in providing relief to your dog in the long run.

Environmental Skin Issues

The environment that your dog is in can cause many skin irritation issues. Much like humans are allergic to pollen and other environmental factors, dogs can be affected in the same way. When talking with your dog’s itching and scratching, they will turn into an interrogator. You will be asked questions about how your dog spends time every day. Certain things like grass can cause a major interaction in the skin and cause your dog to start scratching. Other things like contact with the hair of another animal can also create problems.

Allergies to Food

Most dogs have at least one type of food allergy. Some are mild while others are severe. All will end up causing your dog to feel the need to scratch. This is because your dog is irritated in a different way, or the allergy could cause actual itching to occur. Either way, you will need to identify what kind of food your dog is reacting poorly to and remove it from the diet. You have to invest in an elimination diet where you start with chicken and rice every meal for your dog and slowly introduce more ingredients. Doing so will allow you to unequivocally discover which foods are bothering your pet.

Reaction to Illness

Illness can also be a big factor in skin irritation for dogs. The different kinds of illnesses will cause the body to produce additional histamines. These are created to try to ward off the illness, but when they do not have anything to attack, they will attack skin cells and other things that the body needs when healthy. Irritation inside of the body as well as outside can create a perfect condition for your pet to feel itchy. Just make that the illness is being identified and that you are able to get some help from your vet to reverse the problem.

With a little help, you will stop that scratching in no time. You will appreciate the lack of noise from a foot that is constantly thumping. Your dog will appreciate not having to feel the need to scratch every two seconds. A side benefit is that you will notice there is less lethargy in your dog as a result of not scratching as much.

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