Top Christmas Presents For Dogs

by Chelsea Dogs
Christmas Presents For Dogs

It’s that time of year again and time to start thinking about what you’re going to buy the most important member of the family for Christmas, the dog. Have no fear, we’ve shortlisted our top christmas presents for dogs making your job much easier.

Whether your looking for a little stocking filler, a more lavish present or a gift for your friend’s dog, we’ve got everything covered.

First up, our most popular dog toy, the IPaw’d makes a perfect stocking filler or gift for your friend’s dog.

Ipad dog toy christmas presents for dogs Ipad dog toy christmas presents for dogs

Next up, you can’t go wrong with a lovely bag of Christmas dog treats.

Chelsea Dogs Limited Edition Hypoallergenic Christmas Turkey Dog Treats

Christmas dog treats at Chelsea Dogs

Turkey Sausages With Cranberry Christmas Dog Treats

Christmas Dog Treats Turkey Sausages with Cranberry Innocent Hound

If you’re looking for a little selection of Christmas dog treats and toys, we’ve put together a lovely box that’s sure to get tails wagging on Christmas morning.

Chelsea Dogs Christmas Dog Toys & Treats Box

Christmas Presents For Dogs at Chelsea Dogs

Now for something a little more lavish. A faux leather chesterfield. Yes, for your dog! Choose from a great selection of faux leather colours and two chesterfield designs, the Balmoral or the Sandringham.

Balmoral Dog Chesterfield Chocolate Brown Faux Leather

Faux Leather Chocolate Brown Sofa For Dogs

Sandringham Dog Chesterfield Black Faux Leather With Siberian Faux Fur

Black Leather Dog Sofa with Fur Cushion

What about a few Christmas character toys for a game of fetch on Christmas morning?

Plush Character Christmas Dog Toys

Christmas Dog Toys at Chelsea Dogs

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