Top swimming tips for dogs this Summer

by Bronwyn Hall
dog swimming

If your dog is anything like ours then you’ll know how hard he finds it to resist that cool, muddy river/pond/boating lake sparkling in the sunshine.

The Summer is a great time for dogs to enjoy basking in the cool waters or enjoying a very wet game of ‘fetch’; but there are some things to keep in mind so that swimming remains a fun and safe activity for your pooch.

Always introduce your dog to water in a positive way – let him make his way to it and suss it out himself before taking the plunge. Maybe introduce a bit of playtime near the water or in the shallow end and always keep the energy positive. This way your dog will associate being in the water with good things! Never, ever throw your dog into water – even playfully – as it’s not safe and could be traumatising to your four legged friend.

dog swimming

Keep an eye on your dogs temperature – dogs are susceptible to hypothermia just like we are. If the water is too cold for you to stay in there, then your dog shouldn’t be in there either.

If you think your dog may be partial to going for a swim whilst you’re on a walk, make sure you’ve brought a towel. Dry your dogs ears thoroughly as the moisture can provide the perfect breeding place for an ear infection. This is owing to the bacteria found particularly in rivers and ponds.

dog swimming

Country Hills Pet Hospital

Never take your eyes of your dog while he is swimming. Ensure you can always see him and always have a route to get to him should he get into trouble.

That being said, if you’re doing is a nervous swimmer or if you are a particularly nervous owner, think about investing in a canine life jacket.



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