Top tips for dog safety in hot weather

by Bronwyn Hall

With hopes that these gorgeous hot days are going to stick around, read on for my top tips for dog safety in hot weather!

Avoid the sun between 12pm-3pm

dogs in sun

We humans are told to stay out of the sun when it’s at its strongest and this goes for our canine companions too! Try rescheduling your dog walks so that they take place in the morning and the evening; avoiding the suns rays between 12pm-3pm.

Keep your dog hyrdrated

dogs in hot weather

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This seems basic but goes far beyond making sure the water bowl is topped up! If out and about, ensure that you have a portable dog water bowl (like this one). Be mindful that your dog may be prone to becoming dehydrated due to their breed type or coat colour.

Keep constant access to shade



Whether out and about or just in the garden, be sure that your furry friend has constant access to shade. Since dogs can’t talk, they can’t tell us that the hot weather is getting too much for them. So ensure that what they can’t tell you with their mouth, they can tell you with their feet.

Get a summer groom

dog getting groomed


Consider whether your dog could benefit from having a summer haircut to help with keeping them cool. Of course, this depends on their breed and coat but generally a small trim can do wonders to make the heat bearable.

Think of some ice-cool games

Dog Channel

Dog Channel

Finally, the hot weather doesn’t have to mean your dog ends up bored inside. Think of some great games to play that will also help your little one cool off. You might want to fill a Kong with treats and then freeze it or set some chunks of carrots in ice cubes for your dog to play with!


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