Top tips for going on holiday with your dog

by Bronwyn Hall

A Summer holiday can often be the highlight of the year. And for many dog owners, having their four legged friend come along with them is a must!

If you are planning on holidaying with your pooch this year, we’ve come up with some top tips to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible:

1. Plan ahead

Usually, getting a late deal can mean massive savings and a good value holiday. However, if you’re intending to travel with your four legged friend, I recommend planning ahead. This way you can cut down on any stress related to getting everything sorted for your canine buddy (think passports, jabs, travel arrangements, researching the local area etc.)! Try and plan up to a year in advance and do plenty of research into the area you intend to go. If your dog will need his passport, speak with your vet to make sure you can schedule the required jabs far enough in advance.

2. Try and maintain routine

While you are away, try and maintain as much of your dogs routine as possible. If he’s usually fed at 8am try and stick to that; likewise if he’s used to an afternoon walk or the like. Keeping routine will help your dog settle in wherever you may be.

3. Mock up an itinerary

Whilst I’m not suggesting that you plan every detail of your holiday in advance, I do think that a basic itinerary can be helpful for your dog. Consider when he will be walked as well as when and where he will be able to take a rest and bare in mind the temperature too. If applicable, work out where he will be able to go when the sun is at its hottest between 12pm-3pm.

dog holiday

4. Think of your travel arrangements

Whether you’re travelling by car, bus, train or any other way, it’s important to think of how comfortable  your dog will be. If you will be travelling for a long time, work out when they will be able to relive themselves. Think about investing in a travel water bowl, cooling mat or car harness if you require them. Always be sure to inform staff that you are travelling with your dog.

5. Have FUN!

Holidaying with your dog can be the best type of holiday! Make the most of every day of your holiday with long walks, fun activities and  plenty of relaxation.



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