Tornado Dog Returns Home After Tornado

by Alessia

One of my favorite movies from my childhood is definitely Homeward Bound. It was one of those movies that I used to watch over and over and over and it never got old, but I always did think it was a little bit farfetched that the dogs found their way home from such a far place, and Shadow made it with a broken leg. Well, after seeing the story of this awesome dog, Mason, I retract my doubts.

mason tornado dog

After a tornado in Alabama, Mason was thrown from his home. He managed to find his way back to his home and was sitting on the front porch two weeks after the storm. If that’s not crazy enough, he had two broken legs when he was found, meaning, like Shadow in Homeward Bound, he had to limp and crawl his way home through the pain. Dogs are so amazing – they’ll do anything to get back to where they belong and to the people they love. Give your pooch a hug tonight, they love you so much!

Alessia xx

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