Tweed Dog Beds | The Ultimate In Canine Luxury

by Chelsea Dogs
green tweed dog bed

Winter is fast approaching and it’s about that time of year when you start to think about swapping your dog’s bed over to a warmer more resilient bed such as a tweed dog bed that will provide comfort on those cold winter nights and withstand a more mucky dog! No other dog bed comes close to the style of a luxury tweed dog. Tweed dog beds are the ultimate in canine luxury and all country and city dogs alike must have one!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a fabulous selection of the best tweed dog beds on the market. All of these beds are hand made by our lovely designers here in the UK. To find out more about any of the beds or to purchase one, simply click on the pictures!

First up, our best-selling tweed dog bed is this House of Paws Brown Tweed Dog Bed

brown tweed dog bed

Next we have a luxury tweed dog bed by Mutts and Hounds. Available in both a pillow bed and donut bed styles, you’re sure to find one that you dog will love and will look fantastic in your home.

Mutts and Hounds Stoneham Tweed Donut Dog Bed

mutts and hounds Stoneham grey tweed donut bed

Country and Twee Green Tweed Dog Bed

green tweed dog bed

We even have a Green Tweed Oval Dog Sleeper Bed by House of Paws

Green tweed snuggle dog bed by House of Paws

If tweed isn’t quite your thing, come and have a look at all our luxury dog beds here.

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