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by Reena Bakir
two dogs and co

Exquisitely handcrafted, Two Dogs and Co produce ethical vegan dog accessories including collars and leads! They are the first manufacturer of dog accessories to use Pinatrex, a natural and innovative alternative to leather than keeps the environment safe and ensures no animals are harmed for the creation of any of these products!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a fabulous range of Two Dogs and Co products perfect for any animal lover! Read on to find out more about the brand and see some of their best products.


Two Dogs and Co was founded by a dog-owner dedicated to bettering the life of her pets. All products are custom made to order, making each piece unique and special for your dog. With their ethically friendly initiative, Two Dogs and Co use the material Pinatrex, made using pineapple leaf fibres and acting as an ideal alternative for real leather.

Specialized in the production of collars, leads, pouches and more, the company are slowly growing as an independent business and are following their aim of providing luxury ethical products to dogs worldwide.

Find some of their top products below!

Pinatrex Vegan Leather Dog Collars

two dogs and co vegan collars

These stylish dog collars are the environmentally-friendly luxury products your dogs need! Made from Pinatrex, the manufacturing of these collars require no extra land, water or use of pesticides throughout the process, and uses only natural and raw materials. The fancy collars come in four unique collars, and allows you to choose between brass or nickel-plated hardware.

Pastel Blue Biothane Dog Collar

pastel blue two dogs and co

In a splendid pastel blue, this designer dog collar exudes luxury with its unique color and smooth rivets and hardware. Instead of using real leather, the collar is made from biothane, which is a PVC coated polyester considered the vegan alternative to leather. The collar is available in a range of other beautiful colors to suit any taste!

Burgundy Biothane Dog Lead

biothane lead two dogs and co

Coming as the perfect counterpart to the biothane collar, this dog lead in Burgundy is a stylish addition to any dog-walking gear! Also available in a range of colors to match any collar, the lead measures up to 122cm long and is entirely handmade.

Pinatrex Vegan Leather Treat or Poo Bag Pouch

two dogs and co

These quirky pouches sure come in handy! The handmade Pinatrex bags can be easily clipped onto a jacket, bag or lead and can be filled with essential treats to take with you on a dog walk! Moreover, the pouches can be used as poo bags to clean up behind your dog to make sure they never make a mess! It is also recommended to clean your products with natural wax after use to maintain the Pinatrex in top condition!

There’s More!

Make sure you don’t miss out on the wide range of products by Two Dogs and Co that are guaranteed to make all animal lovers happy! Dress your dog in luxury while knowing that you are using ethical products dedicated to the protection of the environment!

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