Unconditional Love: The Mayhew Animal Home Promo

by Chelsea Dogs

This video says it all. If you ever needed anymore convincing on why you should adopt a rescue dog, this promo video by The Mayhew Animal Home will do just the trick. Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s Creative Director Dominic Goldman has written and directed the 90 second film for The Mayhew Animal Home to encourage people to adopt a dog.

Rather than follow the category conventions, the advert takes a more upbeat approach to encourage people to consider adoption.

“I simply can’t bear to watch ads about abused or starving animals. It’s just too upsetting” Dominic commented. “I wanted to write an ad that spoke the truth about what dogs give us – how they make us feel, why we love them so much… If just one dog is adopted and has an incredible 15 year life with a family, who will benefit from everything they bring, it will all be worth it.”

This video is truly inspiring. Please share!

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