Unique Personalised Dog Beds

by Reena Bakir
personalised dog beds

All dog’s love a long night of good sleep on a comfortable bed, so how about you make that experience twice as unique with these personalised dog beds made with love and luxury! Your dog can now enjoy a life of comfort, warmth and more importantly spoiling with these designer dog beds made with your dog’s best interest in mind.

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer luxury dog furniture that can be personalised to your dog’s name, making it uniquely made for them! Here’s a list of some of our top picks of personalised dog beds, with many more options available at our store. 

Personalised Cookie Dough Brown Fleece Cradle Dog Bed

personalised dog beds

With these cradle dog beds made for absolute luxury, your dog will always be comfortable and satisfied! With its soft fleece and Dough Brown faux suede material, your dog will always be cosy for bedtime. This piece of furniture will perfectly coordinate with the rest of your house with its stylish modern design and colours. The cradle bed hugs your dogs as they sleep and offers them the feeling of ultimate safety, making sure to keep them happy even when you’re not personally around to cuddle them. Moreover, the bed can be all the more special with your dogs’ names printed across!

Luxury Raised Wooden Dog Bed Medium

personalised wooden dog beds uk

This luxury raised wooden dog bed in medium size is the perfect choice for breeds such as Boxers or Spaniels, or even two small dogs which love to share a bed together! Made from responsibility sourced timber from Dorset, the beds are created with your dog’s maximum comfort in mind! Raised off the floor with a shaped high back and sides, the bed keeps your dog safely huddled in with ultimate warmth. The beds come with soft interior cushions made from strong calico cotton material and are stuffed with high lofting polyester. You can also personalise this bed with your dog’s name put onto the front of the bed in wooden lettering, making this fabulous throne one of a kind!

Personalised Winterberry Red Fleece Donut Dog Bed

red personalised dog beds uk

This donut bed in Winterberry Red will be your dog’s favourite place to rest their head! With its comfortable fleece inside and a red faux suede outer material, this bed is designed to keep your pup cosy and warm. The bed comes with a bolster cushion which offers support for your dog’s neck and back as they sleep, making this a perfect choice for older dogs! If you’d like to make this adorable bed more special, you can even choose your preferred font and thread colour to personalise this bed with your dog’s name!

Mutts and Hounds Personalised Pillow Dog Bed

luxury personalised dog bed

This simple pillow is the perfect choice for a sensible pooch who doesn’t require a large luxurious bed. The pillow is made from high-quality premium Yorkshire Tweeds and Nordic Stripe Linen, providing ultimate satisfaction for your sleepy pup! There are many designs available, giving you the choice to customise this adorable pillow to your liking! The pillow can either be purchased as it’s own individual product or can be bought to accompany an existing bed or cage, making it very flexible in its use! Get your pup’s name written on the pillow and make it their special place to rest.

Looking for More?

If you are still looking for more special dog beds catered specifically for your special dog, take a look at the selection of personalised dog beds here at our store!

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