Valentines Day gift ideas for your canine companion

by Bronwyn Hall

So, Valentines Day is coming up and I know you’re wondering how best you can spoil the #1 in your life – your dog, that is. Well, fear not because at Chelsea Dogs we have all the gift ideas you could possibly need!

Maybe, you’re planning a romantic snuggle date with your four legged friend? Well, get comfy in this luxury dog blanket made by Danish Design. The gorgeous tweed design is called ‘Newton Truffle’ and comes in three sizes – so we have you covered from your Chihuahua to your Great Dane. And this blanket doesn’t just look great; it has a fleece side to keep you warm and toasty.

newton truffle






If you’ve planned a candle lit movie night with your furry friend then you might want to stock up on some dog popcorn. Freshly made in the UK by Billy + Margot, the popcorn for dogs is air popped to make it a healthier alternative for your dog than human popcorn. Seasoned with nutrient and mineral rich seaweed, you won’t feel any guilt opening a bag to treat your dog as you relax with Marley and Me (sob).


If you want to say it with cake (and why wouldn’t you?!), try these sumptuous peanut butter cupcakes. They can be personalised and gift wrapped and are handmade using lots of yummy dog-safe products! (If you want to get hands on and make your own – try out these recipes!)


It may be that your darling dog is more of a treat connoisseur; then you might consider a treat bundle crafted by Michel Roux himself. Yes, I’m serious. This delectable bundle is a random mixture of unique and appetizing dog treats including: ostrich with cherry, seaweed with orange, cheese with cranberry, venison with blueberry and salmon with trout. Made with the best quality ingredients, these treats are the outcome of a collaboration with The Dog House and Michel Roux.

michel roux



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