Best Collars For Vizslas | Vizsla Dog Collars

by Chelsea Dogs

Vizslas originated from Hungary and were used for pointing and retrieving. These dogs have a lot of energy and therefore need lots of exercise and walks. We have lots of Vizsla dog collars that are suitable for this breed. Bearing in mind that they like to run and explore, our vizsla dog collars will stand up to the most testing environments.

Vizslas are ginger, so not every colour will suit them. We’ve hand picked some of the best collars for vizslas available to buy online. Simply click on the pictures for more information and to buy.

Pink Oscar and Hooch soft suedette antibacterial dog collar. Machine washable.

pink collar for vizslas

The oatmeal tweed and leather dog collar by Mutts and Hounds looks beautiful on a Vizsla.

tweed and leather dog collar for vizsla

Equally stunning is the slate tweed and leather dog collar.

vizsla dog collars leather uk

Here are a few blue dog collars for vizslas…

blue collar for vizsla

doodlebone padded blue dog collar

blue geo dog collar

beaded blue leather dog collar for vizslas

And here are some pink options…

pink collar for vizslas

pink vizsla dog collar

pink padded leather dog collar

Finally, here are some different collars that would look lovely on a vizsla…

studded leather dog collar

squirrel dog collar

To browse more dog collars as well as leads, beds and other accessories for vizslas, click here.


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