Walk Your Dogs with These Luxury Padded Dog Harnesses

by Reena Bakir
padded dog harnesses

Walk your dog in style and comfort with luxury padded dog harnesses, which not only provide you with the needed control to walk any fidgety pup, but also offer ultimate support and comfort to your dog’s body!

With their added layer of cushioning, padded dog harnesses should be in every dog owner’s possession, as they make the processes of taking your dog for a walk more enjoyable for both owner and pooch!

Here’s a list of luxury padded dog harnesses, ranging in colour, designs and style to suit every pup’s needs! For a look at all of the dog harnesses offered here at Chelsea Dogs, make sure to visit our store here and choose the harness that you love most!

Doodlebone Toughie Padded Dog Harness Red

red padded dog harness

The ultimate harness for control and comfort, this toughie padded dog harness in red is a stylish statement for any cool pooch! The harness comes with a tough outer cover made from a strong wipe-able fabric, and a soft padded inside made from breathable air mesh fabric, providing a superior alternative to the standard dog collar. Coming full with reflective lining around the fabric, your dog is ensured extra safety on late evening walks!

Black Padded Reflective Dog Harness

reflective black padded dog harnesses

Coming in a cool black shade coupled with a unique orange-trim design, this padded dog harness is created with your dog’s comfort in mind. The harness is fully adjustable and comes in a range of sizes from X Small to Large, making sure it would fit securely and comfortably around any dog, with a softly padded chest plate for ultimate support.

Memory Foam Dog Harness in Brown Tweed

padded dog harness memory foamThis fancy harness in brown tweed is filled with memory foam and air mesh to provide full comfort. This lightweight harness is ideal for puppies in training, keeping you in control of the dog’s movements. The product comes with adjustable straps to ensure a tight fit on the body and comes with a pinch clip that allows for quick and easy removal and application.

Aqua Reflective Padded Dog Harness By Hem and Boo

blue padded dog harness

In this crisp blue hue, this padded dog harness by Hem and Boo features reflective edging for safety and is fully adjustable to fit any dog. Made from high-quality nylon fabric and padded with soft fleece for the chest area, this harness which wraps around your dog’s body and muscles will evenly distribute your dog’s pull making it easier and more convenient to walk your dog.

Hurtta Padded Active Dog Harness in Cherry

padded dog harnesses

With its dazzling bright pink colour, this active dog harness is creating for energetic sporty pups! The harness is sturdy and is efficient for dogs that love the outdoors! The polyester material is combined with comfortable padding on the inside to fit comfortably on your dog, and comes with a handle at the top to allow for ease grip over your dog.

There’s More

If you are still looking for more comfortable alternatives to the basic collar, be sure to check out our collection of luxury padded harnesses available at our store and give your dog the best products they deserve!

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