Warning as poisoned sausages left outside for dogs

by Bronwyn Hall

Dog owners have been warned after poisoned sausages were found left outside for dogs.

poisoned sausages

The awful discovery was found by a dog walker and pictures showed that the cocktail sausages were so densely packed withpoisoned sausages poison that just one could have killed a dog. Fortunately, the walker was out with their search dog who was able to smell that something was not right with the deadly morsels.


They said, ‘Thankfully I have a search dog that is able to indicate if something doesn’t smell right, but please watch any dog off the lead as they were not in eye sight but easily consumed and in multiple places along the trail. Hopefully this is the action of some bored mis-guided youth, (which I’m sure this isn’t the case!) but personally I find this premeditated, calculated with actions of someone who knows what they are doing.’

The poisoned sausages were found on the Cuckoo Trail, a path running from Hampden Park to Heathfield near Hailsham. The discovery comes in the wake of a spate of dog poisonings in Brighton and Hove.

poisoned sausages

Police in Sussex are now warning dog owners to be vigilant while out walking their pets.


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