Well Trained Dog Wants to Play

by Alessia

This dog, Jackson, is man’s dream dog. He hands his owner things, knows the words “remote control” and how to bring it over without biting it and running away with it, and he can pick up after himself and grab his own things for himself. He also opens the refrigerator and takes things out. Amazing. This well trained dog wants to play, but he knows that he has to do what his owner says first before he can go. Jackson proceeds to close doors behind him, hand his owner the remote control so that he can turn off the television, grabs his frisbee from the bedroom, hands it to his owner, goes into the fridge and gets a bottle of water, and then has a little stretch. Then he was ready to go, and I’m sure all of that hard work will have paid off with a nice long game of frisbee!

Alessia xx

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