What Causes Cancer In Dogs And How To Minimize Your Dog’s Exposure

by Alexandra Madani

Cancer is something more pet owners than ever are starting to think about. This is because it seems that more dogs are being affected by cancer than ever before. The biggest problem is that there is no one source of cancer, so it is very difficult to give advice that points to one thing in particular to watch out for.

what causes cancer in dogs
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Main Causes of Cancer in Dogs

Just as in humans, cancer is caused by mutations in the cells for the body. What may start out as the dog’s system trying to fight off an infection, will grow into a much bigger problem if cancerous cells develop. There are a few things that have been pinpointed as potential cancer contributors. This includes things like:

–        Viruses

–        Radiation

–        Insecticides

–        Herbicides

–        Excessive Vaccinations

–        Improper Breeding

–        Second-Hand Smoke

–        Unnatural Ingredients in Food

These are just the most common of the factors that can cause problems in your dog. The fact is that there are carcinogens everywhere that can cause major problems for your dog. Making sure that you are taking into consideration what your dog is exposed to will help in minimising the possibility you will have to face cancer in your dog.

Signs to Watch For

If you are worried that your dog may already have cancer, there are some things to watch for. While there are some signs that are more common than others, one that stands out is a loss of appetite combined with weight loss. You may also notice sores that do not heal or heal slower than normal. Abnormal swellings that grow or do not go away are also signs. Among the harder to distinguish of the characteristics is odours. If your dog has an odour even after a bath, this is something to pay attention to.

Dogs that have cancer will generally start to exhibit a lack of interest in activities that normally excite them. They may show some interest in doing things and seem to change their mind. This can be a sign that they are experiencing pain.

Also pay attention when they are urinating or defecating. Any difficulties with this or any blood in the process are definite signs to watch for. If your dog is more interested in sitting down than walking around or trying to go, it is a sign that they are experiencing extreme discomfort.

Getting Help

The main problem with cancer in dogs is that by the time they are exhibiting signs, you may already have a problem that is irreversible. It is important to pay close attention and to have your dog screened often. Steer clear of anything that may have unnatural ingredients like preservatives or chemicals and always make sure that you are avoiding chemicals when treating your garden. Early detection allows you to have the ability to possibly treat the cancer in your dog. Talk with your vet if you have any concerns that your dog might be in danger.

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