What Kind of Dog Food Your Veterinarian Really Suggests

by Chelsea Dogs

dog food
In an effort to provide the best foods to dogs, owners seek out some of the newest trends in doggie health food. This makes owners wonder whether they are doing the right things by following these new diets. Keep in mind that your vet is the best person to make suggestions to you about the kinds of foods you should be feeding to your dog. This is due in part to the fact that many dogs simply do not get along with the standard foods being fed to them. They may have skin irritation or other types of irritations to the foods they are eating.

So, what does your vet recommend? The majority of vets recommend getting away from foods that are high in chemicals and limited in protein. In other words, you should be feeding your dog the food that is designed to promote a healthier dog rather than just fill them up.

Raw Food Diets and the Problems They Present

Some well-meaning dog owners have been feeding their dog following a raw diet. The mind-set seems to be that if you are feeding your dog something closer to what they would have eaten if living in the wild, they will be healthier. Keep in mind that dogs are domesticated and not used to eating these kinds of foods. Their system simply cannot handle it. Additionally, anything that is an irritant to the system in the cooked form will still be an irritant in the raw form.

To put it all into perspective, consider for a second if you were to find a cow dead on the side of the road and started eating it. It is believed that our ancestors used to behave in this manner, but it does not mean that we will fare well if we decide to re-engage in the same dietary habits. You need to maintain the kind of diet that is designed for the life that your dog is currently living.

Picking Better Dog Foods

The best food for your dog would be simple foods of chicken and rice. Other foods can be introduced into the diet that will include beef, lamb, duck and other types of meats. Vegetables, other than corn, are a good addition to your dog’s diet. Sweet potatoes, carrots and peas are all good examples of vegetables that are good for your dog.

Keep in mind that most dog foods are fortified to add some health benefits to your dog. As long as you are purchasing high quality dog food with natural ingredients that are prepared minimally, your dog will be able to enjoy the benefits of what it is eating. The fortification is one thing to keep in mind if you are thinking about making your own dog food. You will need to compensate for not having the vitamins and nutrients that are added into most dog foods.

By paying attention to what is going into your dog as well as talking with your vet, you will get the help you need to maintain your dog’s health through diet. Your dog will scratch less, have more energy and live longer as a result.
dog food

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