What to pack when travelling with your dog

by Amy Cooper
Dog on staycation

With staycations now legal in the UK I’m sure you are all desperate to get away for a mini break with your pooch! This blog will essentially be a comprehensive list of everything you will need to pack when travelling with your dog from food to toys and everything in between. I will also include a check list at the end of the blog with everything I have mentioned throughout. 


The first thing you will need is food for your dog. Always make sure you have enough food for their meals plus some extra just in case!  The rule we go by is the number of days we will be gone plus two days extra. Along with food you will of course need a food bowl for your dog!


Along the same lines as food its always worth having some treats for your dog. Especially because you will be in lots of places your dog won’t be familiar with.  

Collar, lead, harness etc. 

The next thing your dog will need is its collar plus whatever you use to take it on a walk. Whether that’s a halti, harness or just a lead. As with the food always take extras of these things just in case one is broken, or you lose one. Finally, you will need to make sure the info on your dogs’ tag is all up to date and fully legible so that they can be returned to you if lost.


Now when I say water, I don’t mean the liquid itself but everything you would use to give water to your dog. So, a water bowl for in the house, a water bottle for walks and a collapsible water bowl (or equivalent) to give your dog water on walks. It’s really important to make sure your dog stays hydrated on days out especially if its hot! 


This could be a crate if your dog sleeps in one overnight or just your dogs favourite bed! This is really important, so your dog is happy overnight as most pet friendly holiday cottages don’t allow dogs on furniture.


This one isn’t a necessity but something you might want to consider if it’s hot, icy or you’re doing very long walks. The booties will protect your dogs’ paws from burns, salt, blisters and cuts. 


Bring a couple of your dogs’ favourite toys with you so they can keep themselves occupied whilst you’re relaxing in the evenings!

Bath products

Make sure you have doggy shampoo and a dog towel in case your pooch gets dirty out on your adventures! It might also be useful to have some dog wipes to freshen up your dog if they are a little dirty but don’t need a bath. These are really important so that you can keep your holiday cottage nice and clean. 

Poo bags

I don’t think I need to explain this one. Pick up your dogs’ poop!

Check list:

  • Food
  • Food bowl
  • Treats
  • Collar (with up-to-date tag)
  • Lead X 2
  • Harness/halti X 2 (if needed)
  • Water bowl
  • Water bottle
  • Collapsible water bowl
  • Bed/crate
  • Booties
  • Toys
  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog towel
  • Dog wipes
  • Poo bags

Finally, I hope you enjoy travelling with your dog whilst not having to worry about what to pack!

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