Wheat-Free Carob Snaps Dog Treats

by Alexandra Madani

Dogs love to eat chocolate, but chocolate is not good for dogs. This creates a problem when you are trying to give your dog a treat they will enjoy. You do not want to poison your dog, but you still want to give them something they will enjoy. Enter carob! Carob has all of the flavour of chocolate without any of the problems that chocolate brings along with it. This is why so many people have been gravitating towards it as a way to provide their favourite dog the treats that they want to have.

carob chips

Of course, even after overcoming the chocolate hurdle, you might still have an issue with wheat. Gluten and wheat allergies are fairly common in dogs. There are not many dog treats on the market that are not made with regular flour. If you read the recipe for any dog treat and it says flour, this is wheat based flour and will not be good for your wheat sensitive dog. You need to use treats that are made with rice or potato flour instead. This will protect your dog from the harm that the wheat might normally cause and will still provide the texture your dog is looking for when snapping into a delicious treat.

Combining these two ingredients into one snap is a great way to create a treat your dog will love. There are several recipes out there that include cinnamon or vanilla or salt or sugar. None of these things are good for your dog and should be omitted whenever you are making anything for your dog. Remember that just because it sounds bland to you, it does not mean your dog will find it bland. You are not cooking for a human palate, but for your dog.


1 cup Rice Flour

½ cup Carob Powder

¾ cup Water


Add all ingredients together into a mixer outfitted with dough hook and combine on medium-low speed. When dough comes together as a ball, remove from the bowl and work on floured surface for an additional 3 minutes. Place dough into a greased bowl and wrap tightly. Refrigerate dough overnight to allow dough to fully hydrate. When ready to make cookies, Preheat oven to 175˚C and allow dough to warm to room temperature. Roll out dough on floured surface to slightly thicker than ¼ inch. Cut these into strips or use your favourite cookie cutter to make the shape you desire. Place cut dough on ungreased cookie sheet and bake in oven 12-14 minutes. The snaps should crackle slightly. Allow to cool completely and let your dog enjoy!

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