Why Daisy Gets Her Ice Cream First

by Alessia

While this video goes against everything trainers and experts, even your dog lover friends try to tell you about what kind of human food your dogs have the go ahead to eat, I died laughing. I do not endorse giving your pooch an entire ice cream cone at any point in his life (a spoonful or two won’t hurt as long as it doesn’t have chocolate, coffee, raisins, or anything else dogs definitely cannot consume), but with that said, here’s how this video goes.

Daisy and Cooper both love ice cream.

daisy and cooper


But for some reason, little Daisy gets to eat her share first, and poor little Cooper suffers through it while he licks his chops. You may be thinking of reasons why Daisy gets her ice cream first, why the poochies can’t just share and take turns? The last three seconds of the video is why.

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