Why the Kong is the only toy that puts up with my dog

by Bronwyn Hall

The Kong. Simple, effective, affordable. And, if you ask me, wildly underrated.

For you see, this simple rubber toy – which has been around for a while now – is swiftly becoming a staple in our household. This is due to our 10 month old standard wirehaired Dachshund, Sawyer.



Please, don’t let his soulful brown eyes, overbearingly gorgeous ears or endearing sandy nose convince you that he is anything but a monster. For this little guy has gone through no less than three beds, two food bowls and eight toys. In fact, the most recent bed we bought him was converted out of an old wine barrel and we are hoping in earnest that it will be Sawyer-proof.

However, it is the toys I want to discuss today. Countless soft toys torn to shreds; their little plastic eyes eaten as an afternoon snack. The tennis balls with the material ripped off and the rubber punctured. The tightly bound rope toys defeated and left in shreds all over the carpet. The list goes on. I told you – he is a monster.

A monster

A monster

Well, throughout all of this, one toy has remained faithful. It has been through teething, games of fetch and countless attempts to destroy it. But it remains in perfect shape! It is of course, The Kong.

Classic Kong Red Rubber Dog Toy, £5.99

Classic Kong Red Rubber Dog Toy, £5.99

This bad boy has been used daily (we fill it with his breakfast, seal the top with peanut butter and freeze it overnight) by Sawyer and has stood the test of time. The natural rubber compound makes it perfect for dogs that like to chew. Not to mention it is highly recommended worldwide by Veterinarians, Trainers and dog enthusiasts.

We love it and I’m sure you will too! Pick it up at Chelsea Dogs from only £5.99 now!



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