Why the Scottish Terrier really is the Best (in Show)

by Bronwyn Hall

It’s been just two days since Knopa, the Scottish Terrier, won Best in Show at Crufts 2015. And whilst many recognise the iconic breed as the Monopoly dog, few know much about the breeds history and temperament.



So, with a nod to Knopa and the rest of the Scottie dog community, I thought we should delve a little deeper into this short, dark and handsome breed…

What the Scottish Terrier lacks in size he certainly makes up for in feistiness. When you add that to his unwavering loyalty it means that – like most terrier breeds – he makes an ideal watchdog. During Crufts, Knopa’s handler Rebecca Cross made it look easy, however, the Scottie isn’t exactly renowned for his trainability. It is their sensitivity to praise and blame that ensure that with firm and consistent training, greatness can come from him.


Crufts 2015

Although the Scottie will only grow to stand at around 10 inches, he is a robust and sturdy little fella who was originally bred to hunt vermin. Sadly, his little legs mean that he will never be your jogging partner but he WILL fit well in almost any living arrangement. That being said, you may wish to keep an eye on your garden as this playful pup is a keen digger…



The Scottish Terrier is a great choice of pet for those who have a smaller living space and don’t mind his aloof personality. Although his surprisingly deep bark and watchdog tendencies might put you off if you live in a flat… He will be a loyal, family dog who will make you laugh with his unwavering seriousness and regal posture. The money that you save on his food bill you will almost definitely make up for in his grooming costs… Afterall, looking this good isn’t cheap!

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