Why the Stag Bar is your dogs new best friend

by Bronwyn Hall

Stag Bar dog chews are deer antlers which have been shed naturally, thoroughly cleaned and then cut to size. These ethically sourced, low in fat and mineral-packed dog chews are enjoyed by both dogs and owners alike.


When a dog is chewing, ‘happy chemicals’ are released in their brain and excess energy is burnt off as they gnaw down on their toy. The Stag Bar also lasts longer than hide or compressed vegetable fibre chews.  They wear down slowly with the grinding action of the dog’s teeth and saliva, into tasty morsels. Eventually, the dry marrow is exposed as a lovely treat when the outside has been worn away.


The Stag Bar doesn’t splinter, is low in fat and contains important minerals. In addition, they won’t leave a stain on the carpet and don’t smell. They clean the dog’s teeth, rather than bung them up and they’re great for dogs with sensitive tummies. Even dogs who are losing weight can enjoy the Stag Bars because they only contain a tiny amount of fat. Naturally, they don’t contain additives or preservatives.


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