Will Dogs Talk This Year?

by Alessia

It’s 2014 and technology is really upping its game in all areas of life. The biggest question asked by Crave of CNET News is will dogs talk this year? Watch this video¬†presented by crave (starting at 3:07 because they review other potential technologies first) and you’ll hear about “No More Woof“, a computer that can be worn by dogs which will translate their thoughts into human speech and translate through a small speaker. It’s still in the research and prototype stages right now, but so far the speaker translates into English, and French, Mandarin, and Spanish are in the works right behind that. They are also working on different personalities, so your dog can be the small child you consider him, or an angsty teenager (that you consider him?). Pretty awesome, but seems to me like it is a long way off from being an every day device that truly will tell us what our dogs are thinking. This device might also ruin the idea of a dog for me a little bit, just because it’s kind of nice that Lucas can’t talk back to me and he’s the one true person who can just listen without offering an opinion like everyone else.

So will dogs talk this year? I’ll believe it when I see it, but for now I like my barking little boy just the way he is.

Alessia xx

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