Wooldog Designer Hand-Knitted Dog Clothes

by Reena Bakir

Specialized in luxurious and hand-knitted dog clothes created out of real authentic wool, Wooldog are a brand dedicated to creating products that are not only unique and fabulous in style, but also comfortable and practical for any dog to wear!

Find the perfect Wooldog wear for your canine at our store here, where you can find a range of their luxurious products in all styles, colors and designs! Read on to find out more about the brand and take a look at some of their best products!

About Wooldog

Dedicated to creating the finest dog sweaters, jumpers, cowls and blankets, Wooldog create products out of the finest materials with the satisfaction of your dog their top priority! With natural wool fabrics well-known for being elastic, warm, anti-allergic and unbelievably soft, their clothes are guaranteed to keep your dog happy and looking fresh!

Wooldog products come in a range of styles, offering a fabulous wear for any occasion! Whether you’re looking for a warm blanket for your dog to cuddle in at night, a soft cowl to keep their necks warm, or an entire sweater to keep them cosy during the winter.


Part of their Necky collection, their fabulous cowls are a great addition to your dog’s individual character. Coming in fabulous colors and designs, these cowls speak volumes about the canines who wear them.

Wooldog Holi Amaranth Red Dog Neck Cowl

wooldog cowlNot only is this cowl elegant and stylish, but it will also keep your dog protected against cold weather and wind! Part of the Holi collection, which is inspired by palettes of swirling color in the Indian Color Festival, this vibrant and splashy cowl is a perfect accessory for a dog trying to make a statement! Made from high quality virgin wool bathed in beautiful colors, the cowl envelops your dog’s neck and is incredibly soft and warm! It comes in two sizes and is a perfect fit on most dogs!

Sweater and Jumpers

These handmade classics made out of natural wool make for ideal outfits for any fancy canine! Wooldog produce luxury sweaters and jumpers coming in a range of beautiful cuts and designs perfect for all dogs!

Wooldog Classic Hortensia Dog Jumper

wooldogThe intricate history of handmade clothes is embedded within the classic weave of this Hortensia jumper, this beautiful sweater is an ideal choice for walks during winter, autumn and even spring! The sweater is also super comfortable and can be used as a daily outfit to keep your dog cosy at home. Made from 85% wool and 15% acrylic, the sweater is soft, tailored and distinctly finished, this sweater is bound to become your dog’s favorite outfit!

Wooldog Classic Sunflower Yellow Dog Jumper


In a striking vibrant sunflower yellow, bring sunshine into your dog’s wardrobe with this beautiful classic weave jumper by Wooldog! Comfortable and practical with its soft material and distinct finish, this jumper comes in a range of sizes to fit all dog breeds from tiny Chihuahuas to large Greyhounds and Whippets!

Looking for more?


Looking for more of Wooldog’s high quality, hand-knitted products? Take a look at their collection on our store here!

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