World Dog Awards: Dog of The Year

by Bronwyn Hall

Last week, I told you about the first ever World Dog Awards that were happening in America.

It was attended by glitzy Hollywood stars and their equally glitzy canine counterparts and all of the furry fun was aired on CW Network on January 15th.

Gilbert Flores/Broadimage

Gilbert Flores/Broadimage

The most prestigious award – Dog of The Year – was awarded to Hank, a stray dog that was adopted by the Milwaukee Brewers after he found his way into the Brewers training centre. Soon after, he was made a baseball celebrity with a legion of fans who met him at the airport when the team brought him back with them after formally adopting him.

Hank then became the teams mascot and a stuffed dog in his image was sold by the team.

Here is Hank, working his stuff on the green carpet:

Upon winning the Dog of The Year award, Hank collected his trophy (a golden fire hydrant) from Paris Hilton who was accompanied by her two Pomeranians.

Hanks chaperon thanked everyone for his award and promised to continue looking after Hank so that he could continue ‘to make people smile.’

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