World’s Most Annoying Bark

by Lucas

Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and puppies, I give to you the most annoying dog video I’ve ever seen. It is taking everything in me not to post this, because I’m serious, it’s annoying. But I bet you’re curious now so I just have to share it with you. This dog, sorry, this thing that’s pretending to be a dog is propped up against a human sitting in a chair, and is begging for who knows what in a bark that I can only describe as a dying cat. And as much as I hate cats, I wouldn’t wish death upon one, for this noise is just horrific. I had to stop the video halfway because I was so irritated that my fur was standing on end, but if you’re a brave soul, let me know if anything amazing happens at the end. Doubtful, but it could have been a trick to see who is loyal enough to watch a cute dog with an annoying bark until the very end of a video. I am not loyal enough, and I’m okay with that.


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