World’s Tallest Dog

by Alessia

As verified by the Guinness Book of World Records, Zeus, a great dane, is the tallest dog in the world. Zeus measures at seven foot four when standing on his hind legs, is 44 inches tall on all fours, and weighs 155 pounds. Wowza! His family in Michigan feeds him a thirty pound bag of food every two weeks, and he drinks water from the kitchen sink. His owners bought a van to comfortably transport Zeus and the other family dogs (but still had to take out the back seats so that Zeus had enough leg room!) and when they take him out for walks the most common question asked is, “where is his saddle?” As the largest dog ever recorded in history, Zeus’ status will be very hard to beat! [Source]


My dog weighs thirty pounds and probably measures over four feet when he stands on his hind legs and extends his front legs. I will no longer be complaining about him stepping on my toes or scratching my stomach with his long stretches, because it could be a lot worse!

Alessia xx

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