Y front dog harnesses 

by Amy Cooper
Y front dog harnesses

Y front dog harnesses are great for your dog on walks as the shape allows for a full range of motion around the shoulder joint unlike many other harness types. This reduces the chance of your pup developing joint problems like elbow dysplasia and arthritis when they get older. They also distribute pressure evenly over a larger surface area than a standard collar so are much more comfortable! On top of all of that Y front harnesses are the best way to keep your dog safe in a car (in case of a crash of sudden braking) because of how pressure is distributed over the dog’s body.

But not to worry practical doesn’t have to mean boring! We have a wide range of Y front harnesses in all sorts of design, colour and pattern!

Boho pink rainbow dog harness


This boho rainbow print on a coral background is sure to turn heads! You can even get a full matching set – harness, collar, lead and poo bag holder. 

Under the sea dog harness

Under the sea dog harness

Fancy something a bit different? This fishy harness is perfect if you want to stand out from the rest of the shoal! You can even get a full matching set – harness, collar, lead and poo bag holder.

Candy hearts dog harness

Candy hearts dog harness

Your pooch can spread some love with this adorable harness and its cheeky messages. If you want to complete the look you can even pair it with a matching lead and stuffed toys!

Neo-flex cooling dog harness teal


2 in 1? Yes please! This Y front harness is not only a great harness but also works like a cooling jacket for your pooch in this hot weather. In addition, this harness is a fab option as slightly more sleek monochrome look.

Black sports dog harness


This one is also great for if you do want a sleeker more understated look. But is also perfect for longer walks, runs and adventures due to its strength and durability. 

Dinosaur land dog harness

Dinosaur land dog harness

Could a harness really get any more fun and unique than this?! A Jurassic design like this will elevate your pups look to a whole new level getting everyone at the park roaring in jealousy.  

These are only a very small selection of our Y front harnesses so if none of these designs tickled your fancy I’m sure you will find something you like in our selection of over 200 harnesses! We even sell right from an extra small all the way to an extra large so there is one for every breed.

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