Yak Snack Natural Dog Chews

by Reena Bakir
Yak Snack dog chews

Chewing is a dog’s favorite thing to do! Our canine companions have a natural need to chomp down on a variety of textures and materials as their way of navigating the world, as well as giving their jaws a bit of needed exercise!

Dog chews come in a range of types, choosing the best chew toys and snacks to give your dog is extremely important, as opting for a healthier and more natural option like the Yak Snack Natural Dog Chew will ensure your dog keeps their teeth healthy and satisfies their chewing desires!

About the Yak Snack Natural Dog Chews

Yak Snack Dog Chews

Yak Snack Natural Dog Chews are 100% natural and have been enjoyed by the people of the Himalayas for centuries. They offer your dog everything they need for a long, tasty and wholesome chew.

This natural smoked cheese is a healthy and low-fat treat for your pet to enjoy. Yak Snacks are sourced from skimmed yak and cow milk, sourced from local Himalayan farmers and then turned into a mouth-watering chew!

The recipe also includes very small amounts of lime and salt to harden the milk, which is then pressed into blocks and smoke-dried for 28 days to give the chews their unique and delicious flavor!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have the Yak Snack chews available in two sizes, medium and large, making it ideal for dogs of all breeds!

Yak Snack Natural Dog Chew Medium

 yak snack medium

This Medium chew is ideal for small and medium sized dogs, with each chew weighing around 70-75g.

Yak Snack Dog Chew Large

yak snack natural dog chew large

Great for the bigger canines sized medium to large, this Large dog chew weighs approximately 140-150g.

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