Yoga for Dogs

by Nancy Boland

We all love to take  our dogs with us wherever we possible can. In the car for road trips, to the beach, new places for walks, a swim. But now theres a new activity you an participate in with your pooch – Yoga!

Dubbed “Doga,” the craze quickly swept the US, with books available and DVDS to work out with real time. ‘Doga’ classes are even becoming popular. Here in the UK, yoga for dogs is also catching on.

Downward-Facing Dog

Great for your dog’s health, flexibility and relaxation, yoga for dogs can be as beneficial as it is for us. They didn’t name a pose after our canine friends for no reason. It goes to show, if your pooch can learn a wide variety of tricks, he can learn how to stretch and limber up too. Doga may even be great as a warm up stretch for a long walk or run.

dog yoga


Just like training classes and any other activity, your dog will love the socialisation and attention he gets from a doga class. Even if he isn’t particularly interested in the poses, he will still have an enjoyable time being with all the other dogs, and it’s another activity you can both do together that means less time home alone for your beloved pooch.

dog yoga 2

Quality time together

Ssometimes it’s hard to squeeze in exercise and quality time with your dog, especially in our increasingly busy lives. Doga is great because you both get your workout, socialisation, and spend time together all at the same time.

If Doga peaks your interest, or maybe you’re just amused at the very thought –  check and see if there’s a class offered in your area Or, pop your favorite yoga workout into the DVD player, get your dog, and just start practicing at home. If your dog is anything like mine, he won’t be able to help his intrigue and come to see what you are up to. You’ll be surprised how quickly you both reap the benefits!

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