Yoga Time With A Chihuahua

by Theodore

My owners do a lot of yoga and they keep nagging me to get into it but I was put off when I saw those dogs on Made In Chelsea balancing on their owners legs, it’s not for me. Having said that, as i’m sure you’d expect, i’m an expert at the downward dog! I don’t do it on command, I just do it because it feels soooo good! Ok, maybe I will give this yoga thing a go. Especially after seeing this little Chihuahua make it look so easy, it can’t be that bad can it? My mum says he’s very good looking, I think she’s talking about the strapping Italian human! What do you think? Do your dogs do yoga? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

I’m off for a run, you go and enjoy¬†Yoga Time With A Chihuahua.

Woof Woof, Theodore x

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