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Yorkipoo Breed Appearance

Friendly, playful and smart, the sweet Yorkipoo makes the perfect companion with its excitable personality and loyal nature. Known by many names, including Yorkie-poo and Yorkie-doodle, this breed is quickly climbing the social ladder with its fabulous traits.

About the Yorkipoo

This designer breed is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Only around for a few decades, the Yorkipoo was bred to combine the best features of both parents breed. With the the intelligence and trainability of the Poodle, merged with the bold personality of the Yorkshire Terrier, the Yorkipoo has been stealing the hearts of dog owners worldwide. Moreover, with its special hypo-allergenic and low-shedding coat, the Yorkipoo became the perfect choice for dog lovers with allergies.

Physical Appearance
Yorkipoo Breed Appearance

Source: https://www.dog-learn.com/dog-breeds/yorkiepoo/

Size: Known for its tiny size, the Yorkipoo can grow to stand anywhere between 20cm-35cm, usually depending on the size of the breeding pair. Yorkipoo bodies are usually slim, elegant and even muscular, giving them a unique poise in build.

Coat: This breed has a low-shedding coat that is long and dense. Their coat can come in shades and combinations of silver, black, white, cream and brown.

Cute Yorkipoo Puppy

Source: https://yorkiepoodaily.com/

This playful pup wants to find the fun in every situation! Always looking for the next game to play, the Yorkipoo loves to spend its time having fun with people and other dogs a like. The very sociable breed requires a lot of love and attention, and may feel deprived and lonely if left alone for a period of time. If overlooked or not given the attention they need, the Yorkipoo can become excessively loud and even destructive at times.

Known to be natural yappy barkers, these dogs can be loud due to their excitable nature and need owners who won’t mind a little noise around the house.

Exercise and Training
Adorable Yorkipoo Dog Breed

Source: https://smallfluffydogbreeds.com/diy-yorkiepoo-puppy-cut/

In terms of exercise, the small energy-fuelled breed can get a lot of its exercise within their home environment. Ball and chase games within any available space can offer the Yorkipoo the outlet it desires. Lead walking, at least once a day, is always recommended as it not only builds a bond between owner and pup, but will provides mental and physical stimulation.

This intelligent breed is easy to train due to its eagerness to please. Starting training and socialization early will allow your dog to grow into their witty and outgoing personality, ensuring a friendly and obedient attitude. With positive reinforcement training, the Yorkipoo is guaranteed to follow suit! 

Grooming and Care
Designer Dog Breed Yorkipoo

Source: http://www.vetstreet.com/dogs/yorkipoo

With whatever coat type your Yorkipoo ends up with, it will definitely require special care to maintain quality and healthiness. Due to its long and light texture, the coat can easily form knots and become tangled. Therefore, regular brushing and detangling is essential. A monthly bath with special shampoo will also aid in keeping keep the long coat soft and clean.

The breed may be prone to certain dental problems, and frequent tooth brushing should be a priority to ensure that your pup doesn’t fall ill to any gum and tooth diseases.

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